Tims Top Picks – Services

Contact us: 209-795-5500 or Tim@skibear.com

The following is my “Tim’s top picks list” of the businesses in the Arnold, CA area and throughout Calaveras County that I send business to, based on personal experience or the experiences of my clients.
My personal belief regarding business and people is simple. Everyone of us is human, we will all make a mistake sooner or later.
It is how the mistake is corrected that separates the “good from the best”

Appliances & Furniture
Middleton’s Department Store Angels Camp 209-736-4617

Guy Martin Sonora [209-532-8501]

Auto Body Repair
Autosmith Hathaway Pines [209-795-2269]

Auto Parts
Arnold Auto Supply Arnold 209-795-2722

Arnold CA Vacation Rentals [209-795-5500] Temporarily shut down due to COVID.
Timberline Lodge Arnold [209-795-1053]
Murphys Inn Murphys [209-728-1818]
Murphys Suites Murphys [209-728-2121]

Building Supplies
ACE Hardware Arnold [209-795-1331]
Calaveras Lumber Angels Camp [209-736-4601]
The Red Store Murphys [209-728-3303]

Carpet Cleaning
Alpine Carpet Cleaning Arnold [209-728-1220]
Carpet Master [209-736-1700]

Cleaning Service
Arnold Residential Services Arnold [209-795-5413]

Arnold Electric Arnold [209-795-2529]
Fred’s Electric Arnold [209-795-2220]
Gold Electric Murphys [209-728-3371]

Miller’s Wood Yard Avery [209-795-4875]

Blooms & Things Angels Camp [209-736-6771]

Fishing/Sporting Goods
Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods Arnold 209-795-1686

State Farm, Gina Hamersley Insurance License #0781084 Tel [925 937-5710]

Dorsey, Hazeltine, & Wynne Dennis Rodeen [650-858-2375]

Internet Service Provider/Wi-Fi
Comcast or ATT
Arnold Chevron (free Wi-Fi in deli) Arnold [209-795-1301]

Mitus Mortgage Arnold [209-795-4700]

Larry Cullum painting [209-768-6972]

Pest Control
Anchor Pest Control Sonora [209-536-1981]

Meadowmont Pharmacy Arnold [209-795-1155]

Willie Spratt Plumbing [209-770-2139]
Russell Pfeffer [209-795-4551]

Block Retaining Walls
TRS Services Arnold [209-795-5413]

Phil Murphy Roofing Avery [209-795-1035]
Bolin Roofing [209-772-1809]
Paris Scott Roofing [209-795-2073]

Septic Installation & Repair
Brian Rolleri Excavating [209-770-6855]

Ski & Snow Board Rentals
Ebbetts Pass Sporting Goods Arnold [209-795-1686]
Sierra Nevada Adventure Co. Arnold [209-795-9310]

Snow Removal

Cooper: [209-795-5475] Arnold only
Sapien [209-795-6135] Arnold only

Sniders Snow Removal [209-795-2847] Dorrington, Camp Connell only

Tree Service
Sapien’s Tree Service Arnold 209-795-6135

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